A B O U T   U S

There are practices that are distinct to all bodies; Faithbridge is no exception.  Our practices are centered in a particular definition of a family, as we, for many, have become “family by choice.”  As a family, we to do five things together:  worship, serve, study, eat, and play together. 


Worship unites us as one.  It allows us to offer ourselves fully to our Creator, calling us to further our dependence on that Creator.  We worship every Sunday morning at 10:30, as well as other times throughout the year.  These times are announced so that all may attend.


Service sends us outward.  At Faithbridge, we have four primary mission partners.  The service we are able to offer, with our partners and with others, offers grace in the hope that all might experience life.


Study enables us to grow deeper in faith, grounding us in the knowledge of Whose we are.  We have weekly studies for all ages during the school year.  These take place most Sunday mornings at 9:30 and most Wednesday nights, during the school year, at 6:45.  In addition, other studies are offered throughout the week.  In keeping with our inclusive nature, all studies are open to all people.



Eating together is a way of being reminded that communion is one of God’s great hopes for humanity.  Thus, we understand Table fellowship, whether it is part of the weekly service or out in the community, to be a sacramental thing.  We celebrate this sacrament often, eating together each Wednesday night during the school year, after church the third Sunday of each month, for breakfast on those months that have five Sundays, and as small groups throughout the year.  In addition, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of each month and other times throughout the year.


We play together as a way of strengthening the bond.  We compete together athletically.  We attend events in the community.  We gather often, solely to be with one another.  Our play also serves as an invitation.  We recognize that it can be daunting for some to meet others.  Thus, our play invites people to experience the grace of community in non-anxious ways.

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