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At Faithbridge Presbyterian Church, we believe every person is created in the image of God and, therefore, has intrinsic value.  We recognize that there are systems in place within the United States that run counter to this claim.  For far too long, black lives in particular have been devalued by much of our society.  The evils of system racism have claimed too many lives.  We condemn these evils and stand with our Stated Clerk, the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II, in pursuing an ethic of love.  For Dr. Nelson’s full statement, please see the link below…


"We are a family. We care for each other. But we are also a church that is mission-driven. We don't just talk, we act."


Jim & Lynne W.

Members since 2003



We are thrilled to welcome Rev. Cheryl Taylor as our incoming Interim Pastor, who will join and lead us beginning in July.

More to come!


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Faithbridge Presbyterian Preschool provides a friendly, loving Christian atmosphere for children ages 18 months through

Pre-K to prepare for formal education. Our mission is for each child to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically as parents, children, school staff, and church members work together to establish a rich learning environment.


Need more info? Download our Application, Registration Packet, Parent Handbook (Coming Soon) and Parent Handbook Agreement Form

"The people of Faithbridge are open and engaging, eager to share and experience grace.  To a person, they are committed to growing together in faith and love and to caring for our neighbors.  My hope is that all people would  have the privilege of knowing them as I do."

Pastor Chris Carson

"Faithbridge is truly a community of faith. There are places for everyone here. We are open and welcoming to all."


David J.

Member since 2004


Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19

  • While we have resumed worshipping in person, we continue to offer virtual church activities including our weekly worship service, Bible Study and more.  Click on the COVID-19 menu (above) to stay informed regarding all ​church activities. 


As a body still in its teenage years, we, like all teenagers, are in the process of defining ourselves.  There are days we get this right; other days, we struggle.  We celebrate both, but celebrate the struggle a bit more, as the lessons learned from the struggles have reminded us of who and Whose we are.


Central to our identity is a desire to provide a safe place for all to experience the Divine.  We recognize this to be vital, as safe places seem increasingly rare in today’s time.  As a body, we are unashamedly Christian.  We believe our Christian identity calls us build bridges, not walls.  Thus, our nature is to welcome all people, regardless of tribe.  We do so believing that, in being together, freely ourselves, we all will experience something of the Divine.


There are practices that are distinct to all bodies; Faithbridge is no exception.  Our practices are centered in a particular definition of a family, as we, for many, have become “family by choice.”  As a family, we to do five things together:  worship, serve, study, eat, and play together. 

Words cannot fully describe a body’s identity.  Our hope is that these would serve as a vehicle that invites people to experience more.  Please join us – we’d love to share the Journey with you!